Patronage of the Mother of God

Very Reverend Conan Timoney - Pastor
Protopresbyter, Middle States Syncellate
Reverend Deacon Anthony Kotlar

Welcome to our Church!


We are honored by your presence. Our Christian community is a congregation that traces its history to a group of families who came together in 1967 to establish a church a community of prayer and faith. These founding familes were predominantly descendants of Eastern European Christans who came to this country from the high Carpathian mountains at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. They, along with other decendants of the peoples of Central and Eastern Europe, established a parish for the glory of Jesus Christ and dedicated to Mary under the title of the Patronage (Protection) of the Mother of God. The Feast of the Patronage, celebrated on October 1, remembers the appearance of Mary in Constantinople, in the 10th century, and the subsequent deliverance of that city from foreign invader and destruction. As she held her "mantle" (omophorion) out then as assign of protection for the city, in her icon she now holds it over us too.